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Busy Week

It's Labor Day in Utah. What's a tourist to do? Why, visit the Sham Battle in Wellsville, of course. Begin the day by taking in the parade. (Best haul of candy all year, hands down. It's like a cross between Halloween and Mardi Gras.)

My great-uncle-in-law is Wellsville's oldest citizen this year--99 years in November. I don't know of anywhere that I have more connections, even if they are all through my inlaws.

Then you wander over to the main event. The Sham Battle recreates the history of Wellsville. It's not exactly politically correct, but you can tell they have a lot of fun with it. First the settlers move in on Indian Territory, causing tension over land.

Tension mounts, but the details are lost because there was a problem with the loudspeaker, and the settlers are a little enthusiastic with their shotguns. Livestock are stolen, settlements are burned, although this year the White Men seemed to think they needed to help with this. (The kids were a little worried about the fire--they thought it must be bad for the grass.) And eventually you get the Battle.

The squaws were enthusiastic this year too.

And finally, the cavalry rides to the rescue.

Locals wander around and catch up on old friends. I had fun taking pictures of running horses. Then you finish off with a picnic and fill up on homemade root beer.

It was a nice break after last week, which was a little hairy. We had a spouse quitting his job (another one lined up, thank goodness), first day of school at a new school for one kid, and the first sick day home from school for the kid who is still in year-round school. On top of all that, my smallpipes came, and in arranging to pay for them I discovered that my drivers license had expired three months ago.

In better news, my smallpipes finally came! Hooray, hooray! They are very cute, and I can almost play them. It evidently takes some coordination to play bagpipes with bellows instead of a blowpipe. But I'm making faster progress on them than I expected, and they sound really pretty when I can get a tune out of them.

At some point, I also finished a baby blanket. This is momentous, because it is my oldest running Unfinished Object (well, almost--I think I have blocks from a quilt I started as a kid and never finished, and there's that cross-stitch I was working on when I started college), and now it's finished. I wove it, and it was started for a baby who is now ten years old. I'm not sure he ever actually got a gift... The really sad thing is that it's actually been off the loom for about three years now, and I just took this long to finish the edges. But the less said about that the better.
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